Be aware!!! Of the spammers having a hold on your e-mail address

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What is the disposable email? It refers to an e-mail which is received by the user from a temporary address, will elapse after a certain time period. Nowadays, the spammer in the blog sites has increased a lot. So there protection should also be increased. As per the latest reports, there is a high increase in the rate of spam messages per day. These e-mails may be in the form of documents, files, and images, etc. you should keep a regular check on the spam messages or disposable e-mails.

The four tips to be protected against these spam messages

Here are some tips by which you can reduce the spam messages

1. Use of an anti-spam system 

By using a system, which is having an anti-spam system will help in reducing the spam from the temporary e-mails. This anti-spam system will again confirm from the sender about the e-mail. It restricts spammer to send the not wanted e-mail.

2. Maintain e-mails which are disposable

As stated earlier, disposable email is the e-mails of the temporary e-mail address, which can be disposed of after being used. So, it will reduce spam messages. These are not permanent e-mails. Through these, you cannot stay in contact with other people. They are not liked by many users


3. Hidden address of e-mails

In order to reduce the spam messages, you can also hide your e-mail address to get protected from the fake messages.

4. Automatic deletion of junk files

You can also use those types of filters which will automatically delete the spam messages. The junk files or spam messages will get deleted or get prevented from entering your e-mail address. Through this, your media will remain safe.

In these ways, you should be aware of the spam messages.